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I think that when they altered our bodies, they then used the meditation as a type of entrainment to get us to feed the snake.

Rise the kundalini.


Just watched an old video about the war being over. I was just curious if we are “there” and ready and the war is won, until we go through the Eye and back home, do we still need to contiue to work on ourselves as far as removing the parasites the cord, etc. ? If so I’ll keep plugging away at myself and others. Thank you again for all your hard work and information. I always look forward to your input and info as far as what all is going on out there and how we need to better be prepared and such 😃

Thank you


I’ve actually slowed down on the removals, myself. Although more do to illness than anything else. I was told (Eve) it was a waist of (our) power. Although the physical ones are shed when we leave the physical body, the aetheric ones get shed at the eye. The translation does it. I don’t think it hurts to clean though.


Question to Rose: if we’d be, in Heaven, the height this woman above is portrayed as ?

Yes, she said yet that it will be like that. Even a little bit bigger.

You´ll need more shampoo. LMAO

.If you’d like to see shields you can go on the older images, and find the planetary shields raised. It makes the image ’round’.






Gaia Portal:

Prepare for the Cosmic Mass Transfer… Now


Instructions are given to all Cosmic Attendants and Cosmic Communications channels regarding pending planetary changes on the “mass” scale.
Fetterances come loose as instructions are received, and all participants clarify in their messages to Hue-manity and hu-manity segments.
Light channels clear. Light channelers clear. Gaia inhabitants clear, whether conscious of Higher Realms or not.
Fascinations diminish grand-ly and are seen for the distracting communications which they are.
Gaia Participations increase at exponential rates and reach the point of irreversible Gaia Light uplifting.
Fortifications are not required.
Attunement to Higher Cosmics is required.
Sustenances are provided as Higher Cosmics attunement are allowed.




Yes, that was a telling one, wasn’t it? I got a similar ref. this morning too. We’ve always heard of it as “emit the mass” and such like terms.

Its a single burst, where the server emits us as a beam of energy.

Its a mass emission. A large amount.

This morning, the ONE said basically, that in a short while he’ll kick earth through the goal posts.

Football anyone? 🙂







The evolution, is the whole planet and all life forms as far as I’m aware of. Pets go up, as do all trees, plants, etc. Only the non-beneficials and deadly are cast off, such as parasites, flees, roaches (Elizardbutt can keep them since ‘lilith’ created them) We’ve speculated on the pregnancies, but haven’t really asked. Since ‘all good is Law’d up’ that would include the babies, whether born or not. I’m not sure about the birth process, although I did hear about Eve when she gave birth and it was about the same process. The renewal does set a restoral point on the age of the individual, but that is an individual process. Some presumably will be left as ‘older’ but the thing is, as an incorruptible body, ‘old’ isn’t the same as it is here. You are still ‘youthful’ and more importantly, you’re healthy. We did ask about families, and the division is those who are ‘evil’ separated from those who are ‘good’. All we could get back, is that he understands how important our families are to us. So will have to simply trust on that subject. He did say that each will be with those whom they love and whom love them.

Yes, they did wipe the debt being claimed on many, by SET. Every time the Enemy forces breached the law, such as the Vatican running the Coven war games and bank frauds, “Lilith” Elizardbutt’s UN agenda 21, the Gates and Ebola, etc.The enemy had to make a forfeiture. Until They went ‘bust’.

She made Bill Clinton ‘groom of the stool’. Lizards have a hard time wiping their butts under that tail. Dont’cha feel sorry for ‘it’?

When mercury and venus were attacked, way back in march, that pincher object was attached to venus…and was still showing up in those last images. I think, that perhaps that is the piece that was attached to mercury at that time, still showing up on these last images. Just like Venus’s did.

I know of a few die hards, (smoking) that quit this last few weeks..spontaneously just stopped. I think that they are telling people who are going above, to stop for now. Leap is close.

From what I’ve been told, it is the Law that when the zero point is reached, the skits and other operations cease. They have to, because it is a server and there are no more numbers available return. This the point that the Enemy Forces have reach. Although Obama and the other minions attempt false flags, wars, ebola, etc. They have little ability to carry through. I would say Ed’s freak out caused the E.F. ‘scenario’s’ to stop, not to run. It did cause some of the elite’s to run to their bunkers though, but that was already setup.

I’m not so sure that the Ebola is a ‘B.S.’, despite the crisis actors. They have found the patents for the strains, transferring it from animal to human. They have also linked the Gates foundation and WHO to the lab’s cooking it up and distributing it.

The Division of the Families is supposed to happen at the end of each cycle. It was Lilith Elizabeth, that locked us in. We’ve been trapped for 4 cycles. We are at the Eye, and the division is about to occur now.

Looks like the Vatican Rome was informed, today was their last Mass.
SCOB state banks might have a bank holiday on Columbus Day, Monday. In the past this is said to occur, right before (hours) we leap. No one should fear they will be left out in the cold, so to speak. It ensures the Underworld doesn’t have a money system move forward, which is the slave system of Ur. That is an “IF” it happens tomorrow.

I was still looking for confirmation on the bank holiday. Other than that one small blurb, I cant find any. But its a good thing to always watch what they’re doing. BTW, they did bomb SET. Thought that fitting.

There is no such thing as ‘reincarnation’. What they had been doing was cloning us, then reinserting us into the skits they created in this construct. That is the sad truth of it. They need ‘beef’. Reptiles prefer live prey.
When you leave your body, you (the soul) will see your double. This is your spirit. The spirit then merges you with ‘herself’ and this is when the veil is lifted. Only those who continue to the New Earth (Eden) or to the other worlds/branches of the 8 above, go back under the veil. Some make other choices. This is dependent on their plan for your growth as a soul.

Wait till you see the cool techy ships. I bet they make ‘motor bikes’ (styles of small vehicles) for space too. Planet hoppers. lol. Should be interesting, huh?

There isn’t any help coming for ”them” though. They had their own “VAH” and we heard it lost the T, and then it lost the flag sign…It wont make it out. Their ships are down. Broken.

The Law is, “All Good Goes Up”. The only people that were not going, were those who have aided and abetted the crime syndicates in their murders of the populations by faked wars, their bank frauds, their pedophilia, etc. If you are not evil, and you didn’t aid the the other side to such a point that the weight of debt was too great, then you go above. Initially, those who needed to repay that debt, were sent below. Once the debt is paid, they also go up. War is fluid, things have changed. I’m not sure there are that many that didn’t make it, if they were ‘good’ souls. “Sin” is a term created by SET’s religions. Repentance, though, is real. To repent is to regret and recognize a mistake you made, and to ask forgiveness for that mistake. If you’re sincere, then you don’t repeat that mistake, simply because you learned the harm it does and don’t wish to repeat that. Its always good, to repent a mistake. Lots of ships to ride on above. We have advanced technology.




YellowRoseforTexas LIVE NOW : Ed’s Big Freak out & More







YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS : Here’s the link to all the live chats




Here’s the link to her youtube channel Here’s a link to most of her STUFF :


Ed’s Big Freak out & More












WOO-WOO Tick Tock



alli cat

First is the Pour to the Pot, then the tow to the Pit. xxx

Earth is parked at the Gate, and has been for over a month.

Venus (lilith) was in the same position for 6 months, but now has had a chunk taken out of her, and it seems she is being moved.





Wooo Whoo. You should see Ed’s blow out on the 2nd. Thats not a cme, its a huge explosion. There are Lots of very small chunks flying in all directions. It is one of those small chunks, probably too small to show on these cam’s, that hits the Gulf. Tick Tock!

They just put up the images for the 2nd. Its shows a big explosion, and lots of small chunks scattering in all directions. It is one of those chunks, probably too small for the cam’s to pick up, that hits the Gulf. The big show is about to start. Wave ‘good riddance’ to the trolls! Watch the DUMB’s get Dumber, as Yellowstone pops too.

We get pulled first, then the earth rotates. I believe she still has to rotate to be pulled through the door. That’s when they shear off the back chip of the ‘underworld’. I actually don’t know if there is too much left alive on that side, a few weeks(?) ago, the net was pulled back and their dome was opened and it exposed them to the gamma bursts. They fried. There is actually more like “3 divisions”, 2 move forward…those who go above and those who go below. The third is those who get the pit.

The Elite, Freemasons and papal are short on trolls.

I’ve known them to alter and sabotage the memory so that you’d only see the bad things you had done and none of the gifts of love you had. Just fyi.
Part of the reason for the law of ‘nothing of the old moves forward’ and memory erasure, is to give everyone a clean fresh start. Here, many of us had ‘scars’ on the subconscious from the brutality, much of what was hidden that they were doing to you without your knowledge of it. Rapes. Torture. There is nothing to be ‘learned’ from that, that benefits you in the future.

I do know that yes, as a corporation, they infiltrate and mess with us via the internet. However, as a information source they rather lost control. Our minds are searching for answers, clues, and this directs us to the Internet. I’ve noticed, that our double’s will often lead us to a page, and although weakened, so to will the enemy. For instance, the E send trolls here to my page. I’m a threat to them, and their religious myths. They need those myths. Myths of Money Government Religion, which is their slave system. Its how they get fed.

Eve has won back the Earth, and we will know Eve

At the Gate … We gather there first, then as the gate is opened, we go through and this translation drops us off on the road.



YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS – The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO … Q&A



Information that was removed from Books & Hieroglyphics concerning what happened in Babylon , “Religion”, and altered terms. All of which ties together with what NASA has hidden in their archives.

Some of the Footage from NASA, hidden in their archives. Images of planets being destroyed by a War in Space. The last, on March 19th, was Jupiter. This footage concerns the imminent destruction of the NWO & mankinds freedom.







A very ambitious and generous reader named Kevin went to a great deal of effort to go through some videos from YellowRoseforTexas and create a text document of facts that she shares with us.

Some members of our community are elderly and can’t hear so the videos are moot. We hope this will assist you to understand some of the forbidden history stripped from history books and ancient texts to preserve the illusion.

This is NOT material we find in our history books, so we will take this all under advisement and apply our own filters to determine if it rings true for us or not. It’s very controversial, to say the least—not to mention difficult to wrap one’s head around.

We have little proof of any of this, but some of the information she shared, supported by incredible space camera footage rang as generally true for many of us who congregate at this blog. There were other things that did not feel as comfortable.

I felt the easiest way to share this information is just to copy and paste it from Kevin’s 8-page Word document into a post, so here you go! ~ BP


The Ancient Covens who, what are they today

Important Note: The following information is largely reproduced from the YouTubevideos of the Yellow Rose for Texas called “The Lie NASA Told; the Imminent Demise of the NWO” in order to get some form of true understanding of what people have experienced as very confusing to follow. Some side comments are added by myself.

The information and footage from Rose was bought by her at great difficulty because of the massive amount of information removed by the Priesthood from books and NASA. In the video she scoots quite quickly past screen shot with lots of information but he audio fills in all the gaps. Each person will make their own decision, read this and then watch the video she made. You can see the video at


Quote – “The Human mind is handicapped when confronted with a conspiracy so monstrous it cannot believe it exists.” – J Edgar Hoover FBI & 33rd Degree Mason. (Strange statement considering the Masonic movement is under SET’s coven decendency)

If you understand the basics of the following when you watch the Video she fills in the gaps with her commentary.


It is said Three Etheric Realms exist(further breakdown from page 5)

HEAVEN – Ruled by “The One” also known as “God” the father of Mankind

The UNDERWORLD and the ABYSS – Both Ruled by “SET” it is said that many of the true bloodlines from SET are sociopath’s and have hard wired Reptilian brains so feel no remorse, forgiveness, love etc. for MANKIND. Set was known in the 1st world as “LORD ABYTH SOL” (Saul), in the second world as “APSU”, in the third as “ANNU” and the 4th world as “AN.” In the 4th world are three Ptolemys the Sumerian, Egyptian and Hebrew coven ages. We have been subject to many varying experiments over the ages by the Covens of SET.

The History of Set

“SET” was written as “The Leviathan Class Serpent of the Abyss, Father of the Branch of Reptiles, Ruler of the Underworld and Abyss”.

The Hebrew called him “Solomon” (Sol-O-Mon) the “Wise serpent’ & ‘terrible judge’.

In Sumerian times his name was “An”.

“OANES” is “O An is” “A.D.” is “Anno Domini” (Domination of An)

His Egyptian Coven Name was “SET”

Babylon name was: “SULIEMAN” (modern Iran)

Greeks called him Cronos (Father time)

Common man called him “Satan” (SET-AN)

“In Every language and every land, the Conquering Children of SET were given a Name”.

“All Priest Kings must have a god Name; a Title Name; a Common Name; & a COVEN Name for each COVEN they create as per the blood pact of COVEN ANT. When promoted, the name must change to reflect the Promotion.”

(Selene/Elizabeth daughter of Solomon/Suleiman (Iranian) married her nephew Alexander, son of “Pagan EA”. When he was killed in the uprising she married her twin. When George was killed, in order to keep the Hebrew custom of a Coven Diarchy, she married her son Charles)

Note Diarchy – Diarchy (or dyarchy; from the Greek δι- / δύο meaning “two” and ἄρχω meaning “to rule”) is a form of government in which two individuals (“diarchs”) are joint heads of state. Most diarchs hold their position for life, passing the position to their children or other family members. In today’s world we have had the Monarchy (single rule) of Queen Elizabeth II

They created corporations, with a Latin Canon Law (all caps law). The coven age created all religions, which is why they were called ‘snake worship’.

We were taught that “Elizabeth 1″ was called in;

Egypt: “ISIS”


Babylon: “SELENE”

Hebrew: “LILITH”

Greek: “Arsine”

Sumerian: “Inanna”

Saxon: “Elizabeth” (‘Gloriana’)

Russia: “Elizabeth”

Scotland: “Mary” (‘Bloody Mary’)

A few of the various other COVEN and god Names: “SHIVA”, “VENUS”, ATHENA”, “HERA”, “Mary Magda-lene” done by papal promotion

“Mad” King George was known in;

Egypt: “OSIRIS”

Rome: “CAESAR” Ptolemy promoted to Sotter (the drunker he got)

Babylon: “SYN” origin of Sin Tax & Syndicate

Hebrew: “Ba-El” King of Hell

Greek: “BACCHUS”

Sumerian: “Enlil” (Enki’s brother)

Saxon: “George”

A few of the various other COVEN names: “JUPITER”, “ZEUS”, “HADES”, “POSEIDON”(Pose I done), “ODIN”, “SERAPIS”, “St. Peter” by papal promotion.

Note: George & Elizabeth were the “Incestuous twins” and had a son, named ‘Charles’. “Charlemagne”, “Lord Melchizedek (Order of Lilith)”,”MERCURY”, “HORUS” papal promoted to “JESUS”

King “Alexander” (Elizabeth 1 husband and twin brother) who was killed created the ‘Covens of AZAZEL’ in Latin root word formations “CA” is Coven Azazel.

Alexander was also known in;

Egypt: “RA” created Wicca, ‘Horned god of Coven WICCA’

Rome: “BAPHOMET” ‘Coven CAESAR’ (ca/e/sar – Coven Azazel – had/out of – Master)

Babylon; “MASSAWA” ‘Coven FREEMASON’ origin of “Messiah”, the Hopi called him “Massa”

Hebrew: “AZAZEL”

Sumerian: “Marduke”

Russia/Saxon: “Alexander” – Romanov (Roman of)

A few COVEN and god Names: “MARS”, “ARIES”, APOLLO”, “APOLLYON”, “Archangel Michael” by papal promotion.

They created the Pharisees with this Hebrew law which was taught and is now removed:

The “Monolithic” Group that “Opposes” Mankind is called the ‘COVENS of AZAZEL’ an incorporated entity created by Alexander. They are defined as “The PAPAL, ROYAL & FEDERAL” branches. They fight against Mankind, for the Branch of ‘SET’ which is the Coven name of Suleiman (Solomon).

“All Priest Kings are gods on Earth by Divine Right as granted by the god El (ohiem) with whom Man is at War with, in the War in Heaven”. IL, EL, AL are all suffixes for the god El. In Babylonia they were known as Illi, Illume origin of the coven Illuminati who man is at war with.

This Canon created the Pharisees. It was written:

This was not a thousand years ago. The newspapers of 1901 still have “C.E.” They set up the current system, including the creation of “Legislation” which is controlled by the Papal branch; judicial system, banking, corporations, which is controlled by the Federal Branch; commerce and corporate governments run by executors whom we ‘name’ presidents and prime ministers, which is controlled by the Executor Branch the Royal Elizabeth. All of which the Papal put over us in 1917 when they won the war. That is when they moved the Pharisees from Rome to England, and removed all reference that Queen Elizabeth was Pharaoh and broke up the power structure into three branches to protect the queen from any claims against her.

I don’t know who is behind this deception, but it is very like the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Meant for deception. Pure propaganda. It sounds ‘nice’ but just like the governments lies, it only ‘sounds nice’ it is actually something completely different.

They are stealing Mankind’s children, by sealing them to do service to other branches, rather than the branch of Man. The Seal can be removed by the subconscious which takes oaths and vows of service seriously (Subconscious Sabotage). What they do is program the subconscious to make a vow or oath of service to them, and then when the father of Man whom is actually the real ‘God’ of Mankind, Seals them, the subconscious is removing it. This allows the other branch to seal them and steal them.

There is no ’5th Density’. That is all within SET’s realm – the ruler of the Underworld (“hollow earth”) and the Abyss (negative space of the Seth lords and origin of demons). The Hebrew called him “Solomon” and JESUS is the Coven name for his line. Which is why he commands demons, not God.

Those who choose ‘ascension’ are being tricked and they are being sealed by his branch families and stay within SET’s realm. They never regain their memory-never leave the veil (stay attached to SET’s Akashic records which he routinely alters) – and never leave the incarnation cycle, which is his clone recycling method – not being ‘reborn’.

God does NOT CHANNEL nor does he do DOWNLOADS of information. ‘Bad’ can cheat, but under the Law, ‘Good’ cannot. There is a penalty. The law is, that they (good/god) may only make contact via the subconscious knock.

Renew your vow to God alone. Do this by writing it out, then speaking the words. And continue to do this. It helps break the subconscious sabotage. The time of the division of the families is here. Which is why “so many wept when they found out the choice they had made”. Many are going to the underworld, which is not the ‘nice’ image of ‘Hollow Earth’ they have given nor is it the wonderful future, not much time left to break it. When you do this, you’ll get them ‘pushing’ the thoughts into the mind, to get you to alter your choice. Continue to write it out and speak it out loud. It does help break the sabotage.


The sabotage is deep. Many whom are sabotaged, will read this post and think it is a lie or for other reasons discount it. Part of their sabotage is to ‘blind’ a person. IE, a sociopath is ‘blind’ to the harm they do. A person can suffer ‘blind’ ambition. Through their religious coven indoctrination they can have ‘blind’ faith in ‘JESUS’ or ‘MOHAMMAD.’ Through their new age indoctrination they can ‘blindly’ believe in ‘ascension’ and ’5th density’ without completely understanding what they are actually being told. These people miss out that they have been caught until the cuffs are on them or the veil is lifted.


A further break down of the three locations. (The unseen level of our construct – is it Myth or Truth)


In which those whom are ‘good’ have 13 houses/tribes; and God is real. In other words he is a person you will meet. He has another name, he is called “ONE”. Which is not a number or a concept but a name, it is the origin of “Law of ONE”. God is the right hand path, service to others, and in order to be a part of the divine, you have to be ‘good’

“The Abyss”

Which is a Negative Space, fuelled by a binary system with a black sun. During the war, they pulled us, planet and all, in through the Eye (Sun) which is also called the ‘East Gate Entrance of God’, into the Abyss. This is why NASA has all those ‘evil’ aliens spoken of. We ‘fell’ in battle, and have been POW’s. The only ‘aliens’ that have been met, are those whom are in breach of the Law which places them on the opposing side of the war. They controlled the area, and so they had access and the ability to influence. The El (oheim) are the greys. The Hebrew coven removed the wording in the books, it was written as “the Elohim with whom Man is at war with in the War in Heaven” “AL, IL, EL, are Latin Suffixes for the god El” And this is whom JFK referred to in his ‘secret society speech’ and why he was killed by the Covens who made a pact for power, with the El(Babylon “Illu/Illi and Illumi” origin of Coven Illuminati, the Roman Pontiffs office) The El are not alone. And “the El created the Nephilim and the Ba-el”

“The Underworld”

Which is not the myth of beauty the Nephilheim give. They are chipped like Borgs. They cannot make choices outside of that computer program, and never regain their memory, nor do they have knowledge of their real history. They are attached to the computer Akashic records that “Lilith” and her Melchizedek Order control, rewrite, and alter and they are under SET. SET’s cycles “Mayan calendar” “Syn, Lord of Calendars” is that cycle which is designed to twist the spirit into a demonic form. They are service to self, the left hand path, and that is the purpose of the cycles of endless harm. “Nephilim” translates to ‘reanimated body’. They stole our original DNA, and they use it as their ‘vehicle’ while poisoning our DNA and this is who is involved with the PTB.

“You are not the Body, the Body is the Vehicle”. A human being is the ‘mirror’ for the Spirit which is interacting within this environment. It is currently hidden from your site, and operates on the subconscious level as somewhat of a separate personality. This is you’re “double”, it is the you, that you will like. ‘They’ have none of the addictions and bad habits you have been given here.

And incident will soon occur. At that point you will meet your ‘double’. And that is when the ‘leap’ forward is made. In both evolution…you will never be a slow wit again…and in spirit, you will again be clean.



The Law is “Nothing of the Old may go Forward” and this means not only the bad habits will be removed, so will “Selene’s” QE1 slave system and her governments, will be removed. Because you are altered, and of a more conscious nature, you will be self-ruling again. We have earned a Laurel World; which is a world of green life and abundance of life forms.


Those who stay in SET’s realms, the ’5th density’ and ‘dimensions’ of SET; will stay in slavery. Everything they had planned to do to us, will be done to them. They wrote their own script, of War death and endless poverty. They do not get a Laurel world; they [choose] concrete and they will get desert.

All life that is ‘good’ is about to be separated from these evil lying entities. And that is the truth.

So much for the New Age Movement.

Light Workers etc. – “Ashtar Command” “Sirian” “Andromedan” and “Light workers” are the other side of the war. The names on this site are all the coven groups. The El run the Pap-al, and brought you Jesus and that look alike, Sandana. It looks like another site where the El hijacked the name ‘Pleiadian’ and ‘Confederate’. “Con” does not mean “with” it means ‘against’ (pro/con) and they altered it. The lesser nobility are named “Feder-als” as the higher on the line are named “Roy-als”. “Con Federate” is ‘against’ Federals. “Ashtar” is directly Lilith’s command (Elizabeth).

People are warned here, against channelling. So an ally would not channel or ‘download’ information.

“Lilith” controlled the Central Sun, I don’t know if that has changed. “Goddess energy” is an altered alchemy term: “Divine Feminine” – and it is the Negative pole of Energy. Like a battery, has a positive and negative side. The Divine Feminine was used for weapons technology by the Pharaoh invaders, against Mankind.

Only Lilith and her side, uses the “Bright White Light” which is used to mask who they are until they can camouflage their real image, before presenting themselves to the individual.

The Pleiadian Portal – May 17th 2014 the video actually doesn’t sound like the same group, as the site. So I’m not sure, other that the fact that again they are using the term light worker and talking about the central sun. It is possible, that this is their group who is moving forward, and this is what they plan for their own people. Each branch can raise their people as they choose. It is also possible that an actual confederate, has gotten some of the wrong information or has been solicited by the other side without his knowledge.



Money – Money was created as part of the Slave system of the Babylonian slave Queen ‘Selene’ who’s Saxon name was Elizabeth 1. “Gloriana/Inanna”, her Hebrew Coven name was “Lilith”. Her first Husband, Alexander created the Covens of Azazel, which are defined as the Papal, Royal, & Federal Covens of Selene. Among his coven names were “Azazel, Massawa the great architect, and Baphomet”. This is the Coven age history, and the creation of Pharisees and Caesars. He also created the freemasons which is run by QE3, and the Illuminati is run by the Papal. This was not a thousand years ago, it was at the turn of the 1900′s. They seized all the libraries and they own the education systems which were created by them for the express purpose of returning man to the dark ages of illiteracy and idiocracy.

After the war, in order to protect Lilith QE, they divided up the power structure. They moved the seat of the Pharisees to England from Rome. The papal is the legislator branch, the royal QE is the executor branch, and the federals are the judicial branch. It is the Federals who were called the Merchants and the money lenders at the temple of SET whom the Hebrew covens called “Solomon, the wise Serpent” and Sumerians called “An”.

These three, commonly called the 3 Ptolemy’s, created and control the slave system. They created Covens that were renamed Religions worldwide. They created Commerce, Banking and money systems, Corporations and the 5 day work week were all fruits of labour are seized as tribute to ‘god’ which is their dual name system of the ‘corporations’ who the covens ascribed certain ‘Divine Rights Powers and Privileges’ over the nations. They created the Judges and the Corporate Courts, where no one gets real justice, because they blinded justice for the purpose of gaining a fee. They created taxation on mankind. All of this was their specific form of slavery, and they controlled all of it as a single blood and marriage related group. This is who we went to war with and this is who created the use of Covet Means as a specific form of Warfare. These are not “Hebrew”, nor are the “Jews” or “Zionists”. All the name game is a smoke screen. It is one group.

The “Merchant” specialists on Wall Street work for the few blood relations of QE that are called “Federals”, that own it. They rig the markets.
The Papal is the Securities Exchange Executor “Holy S.E.E.” Who rigs the Securities? It is the Vatican who issues all Charters, and all Covens are under their umbrella corporation. From the incorporated Coven “Jesuit” to Coven Corporations “Proctor and Gamble.”
QE owns the Freemasons that run the Money printing presses. “QE 1,2,3″ is Queen Elizabeth’s Executive Orders for the Extraction of all Nations by Covet Means. She owns 48 Nations by ownership of the incorporated entity the Papal placed over them in 1917. IE “ISRAEL, U.S” etc.
Rothschild owns the “Crown” which is a corporate bank. He owns all but 3 banks worldwide, including China’s HSBC. And this is how Libor is rigged. It is the Federals who were put over the nations and incorporated the governing bodies, and this is how they control the legislation passed from the papal and then enforced on the people. Rothschild created the Bills of exchange Act, which bills you for your electric use from the corporations a federal was given divine right to own.
They own the UN, which is forcing sterilization, chemtrails, agenda 21 and gun control.
They own the “147 Corporations…”
And this is the Company store system they set up over the world, their ‘Babylon’.

They believe that they are fighting the War in Heaven for the ‘other’ side who opposes mankind. They believe that they fight for the Branch of SET. Which is the “Left Hand Path of SET”, “Service to Self”. The Highest service to self is murder of self or other, a sociopath. They have practiced eugenics for the specific purpose of creating the ultimate sociopath. They are dangerously insane and evil.

Corporate governing bodies, and money systems…all of these were based on the esoteric Left Hand path, and are designed to promote the highest degree of service to self – murder of self or other. This is why when they get abolished, then restarted, they instantly corrupt again. This is not the original system of Mankind. Mankind is the Right hand path, and part of the Divine. Our original system was called Acceptance for Value.


For those that may have missed it, Rose had posted a series of Tweets back in February of 2014. I’ve compiled them all for your consumption.


Yellow Rose for Texas has since sent a series of Tweets to the Pope, David Cameron, and Benjamin Netanyahu [chronologically sequenced, all made on February 15th, 2014]:

“With permission I pass you this message from “The ONE”. You could have told the world the truth about the Company Store System you set up. But you did not. You could have told the truth about SET “An” whom you worship. But you did not. You could have told the people they have been locked in a Construct, and Elizabeth “Lilith” daughter of SET, stole the Ankh system key. You could have told them you lied about “Jesus” and that this was the Coven name of Charles. You could have told them his other coven names by promotion were “Horus” and then “Lucifer”. You could have told them about the EL greys who are SET’s, but you did not. You could have told them that Elizabeth “Lilith” is over the Coven Freemason, as the PAPAL is over the Illuminati Coven; and that ISRAEL was under that coven. You could have told them that the coven owns the DoD, which owns all the space agencies. You could have told them that the Vector Sigil was the symbol of the Sith. And you could have told them it is Lilith Elizabeth, queen of the Moloch, who is in exile. That you have aided to slaughter our world with her corporation U.N., because you have lied about Jesus and allowed the other branches to Seal by fraud the Children of Man, and because you helped slaughter our world by use of Covet Means. The EL and SET (An) now owe The ONE, God, and Father of the Branch of Mankind an Esoteric Debt he can never repay.

The ONE says, take a close look at your NASA owned Telescopes, at the Sun. You have failed to reign in your dogs of War, Rothschild, Elizabeth, and the Gad/Sachs. You continue to allow the new Pharaoh Li who is possessed by RA, to play this skit. You have failed to stop Magog Bush, who is yours as well. Look at the Sith, as they panic at the Sun. The Father of Mankind has returned, and he brings the Forces of Man, and more…Many of the candlesticks have been knocked down, but your fate is more severe, for you LIED about Jesus and the god you serve, which is SET An. Look at the Stereo Soho images of the 11th [February] and understand. You either stand up and tell these people the truth, or reap your fate. You have but a matter of Days Left. All good on Earth will make the Leap forward. And you, who are the murderous paedophile Covens of Azazel, will get the Pit…Look at your Vatican Telescopes. Watch them panic in vain. That is your fate, for lying and removing the name of God, the All Father, and putting the names of SET in your “bible”, “Torah” and “Koran”.

That is your fate, for not telling humanity that “the ONE” is a real and LIVING PERSON THEY WILL MEET. That is your fate, for stealing the children of Man. You will not continue, as Lilith planned. The debt you now owe is too great. There will be no ‘future’ for any of the CA. An’s debt is so great, that Amnesty is being granted for some, and if you two who are not the priesthood disbelieve [in reference to Netanyahu and Cameron], I suggest you ask the priesthoods and Lilith Elizabeth. Chief Rabbinate of Israel knows the truth, so does the Pontiff.”

As you can see, ONE is mentioned here again. A little over a month later, Rose began posting her videos. The Pope and Netanyahu were scheduled for a meeting the next day.